About Matt

I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for the past 13 years… doing everything from live music, comedy, acting, directing short films, composing music for short films, shooting video music clips, editing, compositing and even graphic designing. Phew… that sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?! But I like to dabble and experiment in all forms of art.

So, that’s why I’ve set up this Blog… basically as a way for me to centralize all my work in one place. I have a couple of sites out there which are dedicated to my bands/musical comedy acts already (which you can find on my Music page), but I really wanted a place to put them and everything else to make it nice and streamlined. Hence why this is ‘Matt Roberts HQ‘ – the Headquarters of all my work.

These days I’m doing quite a lot of DSLR filmmaking… some corporate, some commercial and many just for the fun of it. I will be updating this site as new videos are completed. I absolutely love DSLRs for shooting with!

So, please feel free to browse each page and leave comments. I hope you enjoy my videos, artwork, and music. I’d love to hear feedback from anyone.

I will be adding more content whenever I can. Hopefully I’ll get to share some information in the same way I have learned many great tips from others online.

Please feel free to post a comment on this Blog, or shoot me an email at mattrobertshq@hotmail.com

Thanks for visiting.

Matt Roberts